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Oh you know, Mykonos! Unsure of where I’m talking about? No worries, so was I until the moment I walked on the ferry to head there, and even then I wasn’t really sure of what my next destination was all about. Everyone we talked to and mentioned that our next place was Mykonos immediately replied with, “Oh, yah the party island.” All I could think was, party island? I thought I was going for a relaxing vacation! However, it’s the off season so the island was exact oasis I was hoping for and needing after the past few months of school.

The hospitality was immense from the moment we hopped off the ferry to the day the hotel dropped us at the airport. We were picked up from the ferry port by the hotel when we arrived Tuesday night. I got excited thinking the driver was holding a sign with my name on it (that’s never happened to me before) but instead it was the name of the hotel – okay, makes sense I suppose ha, but still I need to cross “personal valet sign” off of my bucket list! When we arrived at hotel Aeolos I was absolutely blown away between the reception area, dining room, pool and traditional white walled building. The hotel itself was only 30 rooms which allowed the experience to be personalized and genuine, not to mention it was the same price as what a hostel would be (a serious overall gem!).

As the owner introduced himself to us and the island we learned that the island had two main roads and two main roundabouts. And to walk from the hotel to some of the further beaches was about 12 km if that helps to give you an idea of just how small the island was as a whole. The first day we headed to the beach and ended up finding a little patch of random beach that we deemed our private beach for the day. It was beautiful beyond words and one of the most relaxing days I’ve had on my trip thus far.

The following day was a rainy day-uncommon according to the people of the island. However one woman did tell us that every year during Easter week there will be one day of rain. Determined to not let the rain stop us, we headed down to city center to check out the shops, coastline, little Venice area and infamous windmills. Again, the sights did not disappoint. The bold blue of the doors and shutters illuminated off of the white buildings creating images of a painters dream- I am not a painter, but I channeled my inner photographer and snapped an obscene amount of photos with my mothers phrase, “Elise, your pictures will be your souvenirs to hang in your home one day,” resonating in my mind with each photo I took.

Our last full day on the island the sun returned so we made sure to relax by the pool the entire day. We had to laugh as we laid in our swimsuits and locals were in pants and sweaters. With it being Easter weekend we were told of a procession that would be occurring in the city center from the church that was a unique experience to have. So, after dinner and some necessary gelato (okay let’s be honest gelato is ALWAYS necessary) we stuck around the city to view the procession. It was a beautiful and unique ceremony unlike anything I have seen before. The pride of the locals and the significance of the ceremony was evident as they had their Easter candles lit and began to follow the procession down to the water.

After three wonderful and relaxing days it is safe to say that this place, which was once foreign, has easily gained a place in my heart. Without a doubt, I will return to Mykonos one day-now onto the Easter leg of the tour in Rome.

Happy Easter!


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