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Sentimental Sunrise Walk in Stirling

Hi everyone!

So now that my trip is coming to an end I have been getting a bit sentimental. For example I often times finding myself just staring out the window thinking about how blessed I am to be in Scotland! I am not the only one experiencing these feelings. My partners in crime Mary Kate and Emma have been feeling a bit blue as well. We have come to a consensus that we are stuck somewhere in the middle of being really excited to be home with family, friends, and pets and really freaked out/deeply saddened to be leaving in a month. This confusion got the better of us the other night when we ended up not going to bed and instead talked the whole night and went for a walk through our lovely campus just as the sun was rising…or more accurately brightening the blanket of clouds that draped Stirling. Luckily I managed to grab my camera and capture some really great shots of my beloved Stirling. That is really all I have to say for now so excuse me while I dry my eyes and bid you farewell. Until next time!



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