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& That’s a Wrap!

I think travel teaches you a lot of things & no this isn’t the post where I tell you all how much I have changed & have had a coming to being from living abroad for four months (that all comes later- kidding). But, I do think traveling when you’re young does teach you a certain amount of things that you could never learn in a classroom, so here is my list of what I have learned in the past four months (also lists have totally become my thing these past few months)…

1) Time flies. I feel like I stepped on the plane to London yesterday. To look back & think of all I have done & how different (& the same) my life is is absolutely nutty. There are things that were so beyond important to me four months ago that I hardly think about nowadays. Travel has taught me that what is meant to be in your life will be in your life- it is usually out of your control & time will show you this.

2) Timing is everything. In relationships, in life, in general. In checking into your hostel on time.

3) I read this really awesome article about treating everyone you know as if they would be gone from your life within a day. What would you say to them or what wouldn’t you say to them? I’m 100% guilty of being young & thinking I’m invincible. I have met people abroad who never got to tell someone they love how much they love them because they were guilty of “YOLO”-ing their life away & something either happened to the other person or they slowly slipped away. I never want to live with a regret like that & I promised myself I wouldn’t. Plus, people don’t get told how amazing they are nearly enough so maybe I was really just put onto this earth to tell others how cool they really are?

4) Texting is stupid. I’m sorry, but it just is. Also my texting hardly worked while abroad so this was probably a good thing.

5) Never pretend not to care about something when you really do. You look like an idiot to everyone (seriously) & miss amazing opportunities this way.

6) There is nothing better than a kind stranger, especially when you are lost in a foreign city. I promise to be more tolerant of the tourists in Chicago now!!

7) Laughing is contagious & the best way to bond with people- especially people from all over the world.

8) The people who drive you absolutely insane are the ones worth keeping around. Being nutty about someone or with someone is great- mediocrity is not. Why be with people who only make you laugh once in a while when you could be with people who make you laugh

9) Working your butt off does indeed pay off. I’ve found an indescribable sense of confidence in having a job & knowing I’ll be able to take care of myself. Independence is one of the greatest feelings ever.

10) My parents are not just great parents but great people. When traveling & out of my comfort zone I saw them in a totally different light & in different cities together- these people have fun together- 30+ years of fun to be exact.

11) I’m really, really lucky to have the group of friends that I have. No seriously, I have a wonderful group of girlfriends that I can count on day or night & I have realized how rare this is in the world. No one is interested in competing with one another, just in encouraging one another. I used to think this was what all friend groups were like, but I’ve realized how incredibly lucky I am to have each & every one of them.

These past four months have been some of the greatest of my life, but home is where my heart is & I can’t wait to see everyone (& my cat) in a week! For now, I’m off to learn how to surf on the beaches of Portugal! X’s & o’s.


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