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Clock’s Ticking

I’ve officially finished my last final at the University of Edinburgh, and I’ve already completed course registration for my senior year at Princeton. This can mean only one thing: study abroad is almost over…#teardrop

My time in Edinburgh, Scotland has been indescribably amazing, but I’ll proceed to describe it anyway :). For starters, the people I encountered while abroad were definitely more welcoming and kind than I had expected. Whether I was bonding with my fellow study abroad students, eating dinner with Edinburgh students, or simply walking down the street, a sea of friendly faces were there to meet me. The genial personality of Scots was a special surprise because I come from a Southern culture that prides itself on hospitality and politeness. Also, as a city in general, Edinburgh is surpassed by few. It combines beautiful architecture, unique heritage, and cultural diversity all in one cosmopolitan setting (yet still retains an idyllic, homey ambiance). There are a myriad of activities and entertainment options to be indulged in within the city, from the iconic Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill, to the breathtaking Botanic Gardens and Arthur’s Seat. As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is also headquarters to the nation’s parliament building, famous for its unorthodox design that incorporates among other materials, bamboo. And then there is the food. The United Kingdom is keen on having a hearty breakfast, but it was not their bacon, eggs, and sausage that hooked me. Believe it or not, I fell in love with haggis, neeps, and tatties (aka sheep pluck, turnips, and mashed potatoes). And no, I’m not being sarcastic. It’s actually fantastic! But never fear. There is a surplus of other cuisine options from around the globe for those with a less-adventurous pallet. However, perhaps the piece-de-resistance of my time in Scotland has been the gorgeous landscapes that literally decorate the entire country. Whether it is up in the Highlands and Skye region, or mixed in the big city atmosphere, Scotland abounds with high-rising luscious landscapes.

Even with all that Edinburgh, Scotland has to offer, my experience would not have been nearly as wonderful (and my gloom over my impending departure not nearly as pervasive) were it not for the world-class friends that I have made here. My IFSA-Butler friends, and my Scotland friends have all been unbelievable.

But the clock is ticking on my time here. May the last “Hoorahs” begin as the memories settle in.




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