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So as I enter my third week of Easter break I realize that i haven’t talked about the past week which had been by far the best!

After our interesting adventure in Fox Glacier we took a gorgeous bus ride down to Queenstown. Seriously it was the best part of the bus rides we have been on. I’m talking mountains and lakes and really cute lakeside towns. Unfortunately we descended into the valley that contains Queenstown at night and thus did not see the epic mountains until the next day. It was a happy surprise when I woke up the next morning to see all of the mountains.

We immediately hit up a Queenstown classic Fergburger, for dinner and it was the best and most massive hamburger I have ever had. We also had treats from the bakery and afterward my stomach was about to burst.

In our first full day we explored the town and had lunch at a restaurant on the water. Queenstown is absolutely gorgeous with Lake Wakatipu and all of the mountains in the background. Not to mention the weather was spectacular and after almost a full week of rain the sunshine was most welcome. Later in the day we took the gondola up to the top of the mountain and I almost burst into tears over how beautiful the view was. There are seriously no words to describe it because it was unreal. I could have sat up there for days and just looked at the mountains. That evening we made quesadillas for dinner and my Texas soul was happy.

The next day we went to the Queenstown botanic gardens to walk around and play some disc golf. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and then headed off to watch one of our own bungee jump off of the Kawahru bridge. It was absolutely beautiful and also slightly terrifying to watch our friend just jump off of a bridge but it was so cool! He jumped in such a way that he submerged himself almost completely in the river below. It definitely made me want to try it out sometime! Later that night we hit up the Minus 5 Ice Bar and that was a very interesting experience and also quite cold as to be expected. Definitely worth it especially if you can snag a coupon from!

Our third and final day consisted of me and several friends hiked up the mountain that we took the gondola up a few days previously. It was definitely a struggle but the views were completely worth it and also I needed some exercise. Besides what else are you supposed to do in New Zealand besides hike? We made loaded baked potatoes for dinner and it was awesome. Something I have gotten to really enjoy on this adventure is cooking and not just for myself but for others. It is immensely satisfying.

The next day we travelled to Te Anau and it was a nice bus ride. We stayed with a friend’s grandparents while there and they had an awesome house full of lots of character. On our first day we walked around town for a bit and then made Moroccan chicken for dinner and it was awesome.

Day two in Te Anau was our day trip to Milford Sound! It should be noted that Milford Sound is actually a fiord not a sound. Anyway we saw some of the prettiest mountains and waterfalls I have seen. We drove through the Valley of 1000 Waterfalls and also saw the mountains from the opening scenes of Lord of the Rings. The sound itself was really pretty although the weather kept changing from rain to sunshine randomly and it was confusing. However we saw no less than 10 rainbows so that was awesome!

Day three was a very chill day that consisted of walking around town again and making an epic portion of lemon chicken broccoli pasta. We also had hot chips and garlic bread can we say startch?

Today we travelled to Invercargill and then slept for most of the day. Tomorrow we travel to Dunedin and I am pretty excited for that. I have mixed feelings about my trip because I am sad we are in our last week but I am also ready to be back in Christchurch. Until next time!


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