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Rio Tárcoles Trip

Two weeks ago, I had the experience of a lifetime. Friends of my family were on vacation in Costa Rica and invited me to join them on a Rio Tárcoles trip and a guided tour of the Carrara Reserve. The Carara reserve was very nice with a lot of species of birds I had never seen before and I saw a Bat up close for the first time. The interesting part of the day was the Tárcoles river. Being in Costa Rica a couple of months I was well aware that the Tarcoles river is the most polluted in all of Costa Rica and that most importantly, crocodiles live there!

Imagine my shock when  I was invited on this trip? I didn’t think people gave tours of Costa Rica’s most polluted river, let alone crocodiles! Although I was afraid, I could not help but wonder what this trip would be like. So I agreed. It was a pretty safe trip. We were all on a boat with a driver and a tour guide. When they find a crocodile, they get out and feed it, and the crocodile does not eat the guide. I was very afraid it would. Apparently, the tour guides have established relationships with the crocodiles and the crocodile chooses not to eat him.



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