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Taking a break: Part 3 – Coming “Home?”

One of the weirdest feelings I’ve experienced so far being abroad is returning to UNSW after mid-semester break. It’s made me really think about home, and what home means to me.

In the United States, whenever I’ve gone on vacation (or “holiday” as they say over here in Oz), it’s a given that afterwards I’ll return home. And even at school – at Bucknell – I’ve come to think of that as home, too. Bucknell became a second home to me within my first semester there. And somehow, even though I’ve been here at UNSW for about 2 and a half months now, it’s not home.

It’s just a bit interesting to go on vacation, and not go home when it’s over. Where am I then, if I’m not home, and I’m not on vacation?

It’s not something that’s got me worked up or anxious – just simply something I’ve been thinking about and figured I’d share.

I’m thrilled to be back with my friends here at UNSW, and back to the familiarity of classes, and my room, bed, and washing machines (MUCH needed after romping around Tassie National Parks). But the feeling of being “home” eludes me. Mom and Dad are probably thinking “Hallelujah! She’ll come back!” at the moment 😛

There’s a familiar phrase – “Home is where the heart is.” Does that mean my heart’s not invested here? Going back to the United States will be easy? I don’t think so.

So I’ve decided that phrase doesn’t go both ways. It’s like the whole square/rectangle deal – a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn’t necessarily a square. So, in regards to this, home is where the heart is, but where your heart is isn’t necessarily home. AND, just like there’s lots of different rectangles, hearts can be in lots of places at once. There’s another cliché – one about giving ALL of your heart to something – that’s a bit bogus. Don’t compare me to Voldemort now; I’m not talking about soul splitting. I’m just saying humans are capable of lots of love (that’s what my dad thinks “LOL” stands for).

SO, in conclusion, I LOVE Australia, and it”ll always have a piece of my heart. But, I left a good chunk of my heart in the United States. That’s where my square is. I wish I could fit my new love, Australia, into that square, my home, but then it wouldn’t be so unique and amazing, now would it? So you all have to come experience it for yourself, and leave a bit of your heart here, too.




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