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How my Study Abroad Experience Impacts my Professional Goals

As a child, I dreamt of being a princess, a boxer, and a professional drummer. Once I was old enough to understand that these were not realistic career options for myself, I began to pursue a more practical career. I began developing a keen interest in the study of medicine and it has become a passion for me. My major is Physician Assistant and I am so excited to graduate to start my career.

Physician Assistants are concerned with preventing, managing, and treating illnesses by diagnosing patients, ordering and interpreting tests, assisting in surgery, and writing prescriptions. They provide a broad range of health care services that help patients, as well as the doctors. Being a Physician Assistant gives the evident and apparent opportunities to help and serve others. However, Physician Assistants also serve others in less obvious ways, such as giving people hope, comfort, and reassurance in a time when they are most vulnerable.

Studying abroad is helping me to achieve my goal of becoming a Physician Assistant in so many different and unexpected ways. As I expected, studying abroad sets me apart from my peers. I have learned a variety of new skills that can be transferred into the workplace. However, I have also learned so many unexpected things that I can apply to my job that just cannot be learned in a classroom. Experiencing a foreign culture has helped me gain a new awareness and expand my view of the world. I have been exposed to all kinds of people with backgrounds different than my own allowing me to gain new perspectives, which will help me relate to my patients better. Additionally, I have had so much freedom here in Ireland and I have become more independent and self sufficient because of it. Studying abroad has pushed my limits and taught me how to better handle new situations, which will no doubt come in handy in the medical field. Recently I have noticed that I have begun to take more of an active role in my life. Instead of letting things happen to me, I have been making things happen for myself. Becoming more proactive and assertive will help me communicate with not only my patients, but my coworkers and superiors as well. Studying abroad has also given me the time and the opportunity to find out more about myself and what drives me to do what I do. From the beginning I have been committed to making the most out of this experience because I believe that being out of my comfort zone will help me challenge myself on a personal level, which will ultimately make me a better Physician Assistant.

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