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Dear America,

Getting over jet lag is something all travelers know how to muddle through. But I have now diagnosed myself with seasonal dementia. What is this perplexing state of mind you ask? Well it’s a term I just made up to describe how all my time with you has made me accustomed to feeling carefree at this time of year – the season of summer vacation. Moving through my last month of classes and preparing for final exams, this happy-go-lucky mindset is probably not the best one to have. Instead of writing that history paper I find myself looking up summer beach trip destinations. And when I should be proofreading my Anthropology case study, I’m trying to recall if my summer wardrobe is in need of any additional members. Unfortunately Australia is over summer and moved on to welcoming winter, maybe a little too eagerly for my taste. So most other students at Uni are able to focus on their studies when I have been conditioned to turn off my brain at this time of year.

My seasonal mix ups have been a bit of of a challenge. And unfortunately Australia’s transition into sweater weather has made others all the more confused when I start talking about how I can’t wait to sit poolside in a couple months. I guess I haven’t been able to really let go of all the time we’ve spent together, America.

Seriously going to try and work now – Caroline


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