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5 Helpful Hints for European Travel: How You Go, When You Need to Go

1. Most toilets will require payment for usage.
2. Some toilets will be squat toilets, which means you squat and hover the toilet and hole whilst doing your business.
3. Instead of a vacant vs. occupied sign, many toilet stalls show the colour red for occupied, and green or white for vacant.
4. In some toilet stalls, the flush device has two parts – the smaller one is for flushing a number one, and the larger one is for the number two.
5. There are many different names including: WC, toilet, loo, the crapper, latrine, lavatory, potty, the can, privvie, the john, the stool, pothole, Think n’ Stink, the crapper, the buttholder, and the porcelain throne.

Hope this helps you to know before you go! :)

And, Gutentag from Lauterbrunnen, Swiss Alps, Switzerland!


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