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La Fortuna

This past weekend I went to La Fortuna with my IFSA group. The journey there was about four hours and half way there we stopped in a small town called Zarcero. In Costa Rica, many of the parks have churches in them. We are accustomed to seeing them by now but this park and this Church were different than the ones I have seen in Costa Rica. I actually took pictures of this one.

After Zarcero we continued our Journey to La Fortuna, where I saw a Volcano for the first time in my life. The Arenal Volcano is famous for an eruption in 1968 that killed and destroyed around 100 people and two towns. During the eruption, there was another crater created below the original one. When it is not cloudy in La Fortuna, both craters of the Volcano can be seen. The first day we took a tour of the Lake Arenal which is a man-made Lake and is responsible for 40% of Costa Rica’s electricity. The top of the Volcano was covered by the clouds on the first day. Later that night we were able to enjoy the Hotel El Silencio del Campo’s hot springs.

The next day we took a tour of the National Park in La Fortuna and were able to get closer to the Volcano and had an amazing view of the Lake below. It was a clear day and we were able to see the entire volcano clearly from the Hotel. La Fortuna was a beautiful and relaxing trip.



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