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Winter Song

Dear America,

I’ve seen some pictures of you lately – you look good. The warmer weather and blue skies have made quite a difference. I can’t help but fondly remember those warm summer days we spent the last 19 years enjoying. Not to get all nostalgic on you, I know we’re currently on a break, but those Fourth of July festivities and disastrous Slip n’ Slide memories won’t leave me alone. And that’s not just because of the scars I’m left with because of them.  I know you have about 3.2 million other people to keep you busy, but hopefully you think of me at least once in a while.

Things with Australia are going well, though I admit that some of the excitement has worn off these last few months. This may have something to do with the sharp reduction in beach trips. And need for heat rather than air conditioning. And looming final exams. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking of you these last few days and hope all is well. Hope you haven’t completely forgotten about me!




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