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Taking a break: Series introduction

There are only 2 weeks of classes left for me! And even those aren’t full weeks. My lab class for chemical engineering has finished all of its lectures and tutorials for the semester, so I only have one more 3 hours of working time in the lab before my final report is due, and then that class is done! And my other classes are similar.

For “Sports: Law and Society in Australia,” the main research paper for that class was due last Friday. This week we’re going lawn bowling as a class instead of having a lecture, and the following weeks we’ll be debating in groups. My group’s topic to debate is “Should the NRL abandon its salary cap?” and I have been assigned to argue against its abolition. Then I just have to write an analysis of one of the films we’ve watched this semester, and that’s it for that class!

The only class I have a final in is Thermodynamics and Separations. My last class for that takes place on May 30, and then the final isn’t until June 23. Lots of time to study, but also lots of time to forget everything!

And my fourth class culminates in a 30 page research paper. I’m not going to talk about that. GAH!

So the point of this post is to introduce the next set of rapid fire blog posts to catch everyone up on what I’ve been doing these past weeks in Australia! This blog’s gotten a bit dusty.

The title, “Taking a break,” can apply to whatever you want it to – you’re probably taking a break right now from something more productive you should be doing, or maybe my time abroad has given you a much needed “break” from me! Being abroad has cut lots of new facets into the phrase “Taking a break” for me, and the next few posts with this title will hopefully show just some of those facets. At the moment, I’m taking a break from the strictness of my budget and have indulged in a cappuccino at one of the many on campus cafes, where I’m typing all this :)

I hope you enjoy this next set of posts!



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