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Taking a break: Part 2 – Tasmania

Easter Sunday this year, I woke up at 3:30am to catch a flight to Tasmania for my mid-semester break. Side note – I’ve finally gotten used to calling it “Mid-semester Break” instead of “Spring Break” – kept confusing people in conversations by using the wrong season.

Tasmania is a state in Australia (not another country – common misconception) that’s comprised of a big heart-shaped island and a few small ones just south of Melbourne. It’s comparable to the size of West Virginia. BUT the population of Tasmania is just over 500,000, while the population of West Virginia is just over 1.8 million. Which leaves Tasmania with lots of beautiful land to explore, and places to walk where not many have walked before :)

I traveled with a friend, Clara, who is an exchange student at UNSW from Valencia, Spain. We met through the UNSW Outdoors Club. To get around, we rented a van for the week that also served as our home, complete with kitchen (portable gas stove) and beds (thin mattress pads laid over wooden storage compartments in the back of the van). It even had a mount in the back for a table, which we used to play cards on once the sun went down (which happened SUPER EARLY every night! So I got pretty good at Spanish cards, and Clara got pretty good at Egyptian Rat Screw and Speed). Dinners were typically cous cous and vegetables or rice and vegetables; we had soup twice, too. And lunches were always tuna, cucumber, and cheese sandwiches. Except for the last day, when we only had peanut butter and cheese left. So we did that. The dinners were always good though simply because they were warm! Except for that one night… Tasmanian devils and a BIG MOTH locked us inside the van before we could finish cooking.

The trip was amazing, but I can’t think of the right words to write down that will do it justice. So pictures will have to suffice, although they still don’t come close to the real deal. But enjoy! Be sure to read the captions under the pictures so they make sense :)

Hobart Harbor

Picture 2 of 17

Floating fish and chips restaurant - kind of like a food truck, except in the water! This was our Easter lunch spot.




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