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A Night at the Irish Theater

One of the reasons I really appreciate IFSA-Butler is the fact that they take us on outings every so often, and this week they decided to go down the culture path and take us to the theater!

Our night started at Gourmet Burger, one of the few places in cork to actually sell a decent burger.  Almost our whole study abroad group attended, meaning we filled up two whole tables and most of the restaurant.

We then headed over to the Everyman Palace Theater, which was surprisingly enough teeming with college aged students (I’m used to theaters being filled with middle aged patrons).  At the beginning of the play, the actors had such thick accents that I feared I’d have no idea what was happening, but luckily context and getting used to the accents meant the play was (mostly) coherent.  It told the story of two ex-cons recently out of prison looking to turn their lives around, until they are both tempted by one last heist…  The play had the remarkable ability to tug on my heartstrings while still being hilarious, filled with the dry wit specific to Ireland.

The night ended with a trip to a local pub, where Jamie promptly stole my camera and went on a photography spree.  People sure do get goofy around cameras!


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