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Space Jam Movie Night: When Irish College Events are Funded by Whiskey Companies

So at my college at home, many of the clubs host movie nights.  Unlike my college at home, movie nights hosted by the University College Cork Film Society are also funded by Jameson Whiskey (good way to build brand loyalty?)

Emily, Marine, and I made the trek to Cork City Centre, climbed up the stairs of an out of the way pub, and were instantly each handed a drink ticket.  The room was set up with about 50 chairs facing a screen with the UCC Film Society logo.  We made our way to the back room (which was a bar), where we were each handed a glass with Jameson Whisky in it, and one bottle of lemonade to split between us.  I was still a little sick, and I don’t even like whiskey on the best of days, so I only managed to drink about a third of the glass through the night.

At each seat we received free popcorn and a goody bag filled with 90′s paraphernalia (pixie sticks, random candy, and pokemon cards).  Space Jam was just as strange as I remembered it (perhaps even more so now that I am older), but it was a perfectly enjoyable movie.  After the movie, the seats were cleared to make room for a dance floor and dj, but since I was still sick I bounced for the night back to my room.

Do these types of events happen on bigger campuses in America?  I just can’t imagine alcohol companies funding social events going over well, but perhaps it’s just because I’ve never experienced it before.  It’s absolutely fascinating to see how Irish college life is so different from American.


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