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Cliffs of Moher

I decided to play tourist and visit the Cliffs of Moher, one of the most visited locations in Ireland.

Allison and I started our day by walking in the dark to the tourist office in the Cork City Centre.  It was slightly eerie to walk the almost completely deserted city at 7:30 am, but we made it safely and stopped off at one of the few open stores to pick up provisions.  We were then loaded into a Paddywagon (bus) with approximately 20 other people from all over the world (off the top of my head there were Italians, Spaniards, Malaysians, Chinese, and French).  We had a lovely tour guide named Yvonne (who apparently people often call Fiona?), and we were off on our adventure!  Yvonne was kind enough to both talk about lore and history of Ireland while she drove, as well as intersperse it with periods of classic Irish music so we would have time to relax.  Our first stop was to pick up 3 more passengers across from King John’s Castle (named after the same King you hear of in Robin Hood tales).

After that was a small pub for lunch, and exploration of the Burren on the Atlantic Ocean.  All of the rock you see in the image below was limestone, slowly being eaten away by the rain.  It actually reminded me of the lava fields of Hawaii.

We finally ended up at the actually cliffs, where it wasn’t raining too hard.  We first explored the Atlantic exhibit inside, then headed out to the castle.  The wind was so strong at one point that we were forced to kneel on the ground so as not to be blown into the fence or stone wall, and couldn’t escape it for about 5 minutes.  Absolutely terrifying, but since we survived it was totally worth it.



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