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Secret of The Auld Sweet Shop

Heather and I visited Killarney last weekend (one of the top tourist destinations in Ireland), and ended up wandering into a tiny little sweet shop called the Auld Sweet Shop.

Me: Gee, this place looks like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The instant we walk in, cashier starts recommending candies to us, and while Heather is waiting for him to weigh her blue raspberry and peach bonbons (which are like taffy, but yummier), I pull out my camera and start snapping photos.  Suddenly, the cashier’s eyes light up.

 Want to see a secret?’ he asks us.  

A secret?  From anyone else, this might have come off as creepy, but only pure innocence radiated from this guy, so sure, why not?  We said yes, and he he smiled like a small child as he walked over to a seemingly solid wall of candy and PUSHED IT OUT OF THE WAY.


Heather and I just stood there flabbergast, looking at the secret set of stairs that had materialized, decorated with multicolored mushrooms, an oompa loompa, and Willy Wonka himself.  The cashier (who turned out to be the owner of the store) then proceeded to hand us a golden ticket and a Wonka bar, encouraging us to take photos of the magic.

One of the more surreal experiences I’ve had in Ireland so far, and I still sometimes wonder if it was all a dream.  Definitely not to be missed if you ever happen to find yourself in Killarney.


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