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Killarney: Day 1

As I already wrote about in a post earlier this week, last weekend Heather and I took an ‘adventure weekend’ to explore Killarney.  Killarney is one of the most touristy towns in all of Ireland, and a must see for anyone all who visit (it’s strangely authentic for a place so driven by the tourist industry).


Day 1 consisted of us taking a 1.5 hour bus to Killarney and arriving at our hostel.  Neither Heather nor I had ever stayed in a hostel before, and it was significantly nicer and cleaner than I ever expected.  We stayed in a 6 bed room (3 bunk beds) with two other male americans and one female german.  The hostel had a spacious kitchen and dining room, a cozy tv room with lots of comfy seating, and a beautiful common room with a computer and free wifi.

After checking in, we wandered down to the Killarney National Park, and found it to be ridiculously flooded.  Areas that were once parking lots now looked like lakes.

Me:  No, that couldn’t have been a parking lot, see, there are life preservers in the middle of it!

Heather: Alicen, why would they put life preservers in the *middle* of a lake??

Me: Oh, right…

Luckily the Ross Castle grounds were still opened (although the inside was closed), so we wandered around that.

After exploring the freezing and flooded park, we decided the next logical option was to head back into town and grab Murphys Ice Cream, which was SO WORTH IT.  I got brown bread ice cream (which tasted like butter with brown bread flakes in it), and I know I shall miss that flavor forever more.  The rest of the night was fairly low key, just exploring town and eating dinner at a tiny little Chinese restaurant (the first nonwhite food I’ve had in Ireland).  We wanted to be well rested for the adventure that started on Day 2.


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