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Well this is awkward…

Another week gone and I realized that I really don’t have thay much to report about for it which makes me sad because hey I’m still in New Zealand and its still awesome. I guess its just because I’m back at uni and this term has a bit more work so I’m not getting out as much. That being said there are only three weeks left in the semester and only 5 weeks left in my program and that’s scary. New Zealand has become my new normal and its weird to think that in two months time it won’t be my home anymore. I’ve definitely made some awesome friends here and have experienced a lot of cool stuff. But enough about that sad stuff. I did manage to do some fun things this past weekend despite a very work heavy week. On Friday I ventured out with one of my flatmates to a different shopping mall and got in some retail therapy which is always good. Saturday I went to a Crusaders game (rugby) with some flatmates and other friends. They lost, but at least the game was really close and actually quite good. I still have no idea what’s going on most of the time, but its more about the experience right? Sunday was just a work day as usual but I got to sleep in so that was fun. This week is looking like its going to be another work work work week but that’s ok, it can’t be all fun and games right? Haha of course not because after all it is study abroad not vacation abroad 😉


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