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Politics and some other things

Dear America,

Four TV series, five term papers, and countless cereal boxes later, here I am. Eating Corn Flakes in bed while watching How I Met Your Mother to celebrate submitting my last paper. It’s safe to say that I have this semester routine down. So what’s up next for Australia and I? To be honest I can’t really see where we’re heading long-term. Of course Sydney is a beautiful and lively city, and even after 5 months the walk to uni and the beach is still impressive. But I do catch myself flipping through pictures on the Wake Forest website sometimes…let’s just keep that between us, America.

This past week however did come with quite the shake-up. The Australian budget was released and the Australian public is not pleased – especially students. Tony Abbott is taking quite the beating from students who are angry with the increase in uni fees (to put it lightly). Everyday on campus, swarms of students approach me asking for my signature on some petition or presence at a rally. I’ve never encountered a community so young that knows/cares so much about their government policies. It definitely makes me think twice about how invested I am in U.S affairs. There is a lot to learn from the passion of Australian students who don’t consider school to be separate from the real world, they think about real world issues rather than pretending they don’t exist until graduation.

I promise you America that I will be more attentive to you whenever we do reunite – something I’ve been hoping will come to pass soon.


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