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Hi everyone!

So here is some good news, I am done with finals!!! YAY ME! So what does that mean? It means I get to get completely caught up on blog posts. This is my formal warning for the waves of posts that will be coming at you in the next few days. I have a strategic plan that will get me completely caught up by the end of the week! But until then I thought I would kick off this week of crazy blogging with some pretty pictures.

The first batch of pictures is from my little jaunt to Cambuskenneth Abbey here in Stirling. Most of these are just me marveling at how gorgeous this place is.

Up next we have some photos of my trip to the amazing Edinburgh Zoo. So many animals, so little time.

Then MaryKate and I took a trip with Heart of Scotland Tours who took us to Rosslyn Chapel, Melrose Abbey, the Scotland/England border, and Hadrian’s Wall.

And finally, a quick casual trip to Linlithgow Palace which wins the coolest castle award in my book. This place was sneakily expansive. We somehow ended up on different ends of the palace without noticing.

Like I said before there is much, MUCH more to come so stay tuned.



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