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Dealing with friends and family abroad

Hi everyone!

So the wonderful IFSA blog people gave us a list of topics we should cover in our blogs and I have to say that they are really great topics and I will be covering most of them in the coming days.

First topic I want to touch on is dealing with family and friends while you’re abroad. I want to start with the story of a friend of mine who studied aboard. Before she left we did the “oh my gosh I will miss you so much that I will have to write every day!” speech. After she left the obligatory “I made it here in one piece” email came. And then nothing. I kid you not the only form of contact I had with her was the occasional cryptic Facebook status update and random picture she was tagged in. I swore I would do a lot better when it came time for me to go on my adventure and now I see how difficult it is to keep in touch.

I have learned that people knowing what’s going on with you is not the hard part; the hard part is knowing what’s going on back home. Like I said it is not hard to keep in contact with family and friends when you go abroad. Especially in the UK. We live in a world that revolves around the internet so we have these funny little things like Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to make “keeping in touch” super easy. I don’t  spend all my time using these tools because it only takes 2 minutes to put some pictures on Facebook, or half an hour to have a quick face to face phone call with family and friends back home. So really there is no excuse to not keep in touch while you’re away. But keeping up with the goings-on of your loved ones is a different story.

When I do chat with my people the conversation goes from “Hey how’s home? I miss you guys! What’s been going on with you?” But then the discussion quickly turns to “So how’s Scotland?”  This is followed by me giving a rundown of events then they say “well it was great hearing from you, but I have to run so I will talk to you later.” My point is I never actually know what is going on. This is troubling because I am so used to knowing everything from the little things to the huge catastrophes. I admit that one of my bigger fears about returning home is not knowing what is happening in the lives of my loved ones. You can only glean so much from Facebook.

Now that I have shared my issue did anyone else have a similar issue? How did you cope with it when you got home? Please let me know!



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