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*Aussie Slang*

As the days go by, I find myself slipping new words into my vocabulary everyday. I catch myself saying sentences like,  “Yeah, I am pretty keen on getting some drinks after class at the Uni bar.” Or “I reckon we should go out tonight.” The best is when I talk to a friend from home and say things like, “I miss you heaps mate!” And then they call me out on getting all Australian on them. It’s funny how when I first got here, I didn’t really understood any lingo, but now I feel like I master it quite well. The best was during the first week of being in Australia, random people would ask me, “How you going?” And I would reply with, “Uh, I am going this way… Where are you going?” They’d laugh and I would realize they meant how am I. 

Australian slang is very colorful, and often I find it to be quite funny.
I figured I would take this time to share with you all some lingo and common phrases I hear on the daily basis here in the land of OZ.

Chuck a U-e
Meaning: make a U-turn.
Example: Chuck a U-e mate, the pubs the other way.

Meaning: Barbeque
Example: Anyone one down for some barbie and beers?

Don’t get your knickers in a knot
Meaning: Don’t upset yourself.
Example: Don’t get your knickers in a knot. She’ll be right, mate.

Cya this Arvo!
Meaning: See you this afternoon.
Example: Cya this arvo in class!

Meaning: a lot, lots
Example: Thanks heaps for your help.

Meaning: great-looking

Example: Those blue thongs are pretty spiffy, I think I’ll buy them.

Meaning: flip flops

Example: I need a new pair of thongs, these are about to break.

Meaning: man, guy
Example: I know this bloke from Brisbane.

Example: Want to join me for brekkie tomorrow morning?

Meaning: hello
Example: G’day mate!

Maccas (pron. “mackers”)
Example: Want to go get some burgers and fries at Maccas?

Meaning: buddy, friend
Example: You’re the best mate I’ve ever had.

Example: The sun is so bright, good thing I wore my sunnies today!

Good on you
Meaning: good for you, well done
Example: You passed your test? Good on you!



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