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Events That Shape Time

I will start off this blog by apologizing; I have been quite busy lately and have not had much time to sit down and write. With that said, there is a lot to recap on from the past three weeks!

When we all got back from Easter break, we kicked things off as if none of us had ever left. My birthday was the first Tuesday we were all back and it was fantastic. The girls here made it the most memorable birthday I have ever had – not only because it was the big 2-0 but because it was my first (and probably only) birthday in Ireland! We started the festivities off quite early, or at least I did anyway. They tried to make it as American as possible so they got me a set of beer pong cups and balls which absolutely made my day. I had been talking about that game from about day one back in September. A couple friends from Stranmillis and some of the other Americans came over to help celebrate with us. Towards the end of the night, some of us to decided to go out to the Bot (a local bar within walking distance of Elms) to just grab a drink and relax. I cannot think of another way to describe the night than amazing. I spent my 20th birthday in Ireland some of my best friends. Perfect.

Birthday boy with his girls!

Just two days after my birthday, we were able to celebrate Caitriona’s birthday! It was another great night with all of our friends. For whatever reason, we did not end up going out after we had our pre-party back in our dorm. It would have been fun if we could have gone out but I think some of us were a bit exhausted. Either way, we had a good night staying in! At the beginning of the year, Caitriona had introduced me to a TV show (and movie) called the Inbetweeners. It is a very crude show but extremely funny for people our age. The main characters have a running joke where if one of the guys mentions another friend that they have that is not a part of their little group, the others give him a hard time about have a “frieeeend!” They add to the insult by giving an exaggerated thumbs up. It may not sound funny at first but I will provide a clip to better explain it. Anyways, I got Caitriona a shirt with two thumps up that “Friend!” across the front of it. Caitriona is one of my closest friends here in Ireland and I am glad we could celebrate our birthdays with each other!

Here is the Inbetweeners friend clip. It may be a little bit inappropriate but it is extremely funny.

Caitriona's birthday!

The next weekend, Cloda and Sophie came over from Stranmillis to hangout and watch Britain’s Got Talent. Sophie’s birthday was the day before but unfortunately we did not party-hardy like the previous week. Caitriona, Vicky, and I love when they come over because they make the weekends in Elms fun. At the beginning of the year when we found out that almost all of the Irish students go home at the weekends, we were a little bummed out. But we quickly started inviting our new Stranmillis frieeends over to spend time with us. This may sound weird but those little nights in where we just sit around, eat pizza, and watch TV will be some of the moments I talk about most later on in my life. When I am older and trying to tell stories of my time here, I will come back to those little chill nights. It may sound boring to you but that is what I love – just kicking back and relaxing with your close friends.

The next big event was Lily’s birthday. Lily is one of the Americans here with me thru IFSA-Butler. We met shortly after Christmas break, along with all of the other Americans, and have been pretty good friends ever since. Her birthday was an absolute blowout! Like me, she has a great group of flatmates that care about her a lot so they went all out for her 21st birthday. At one point in the night, I am pretty sure there were 30+ people in the kitchen/common area on her floor. The music was going and everybody was having a blast. It looked like a scene out of an college cult-comedy film: a really crowded environment with tons of Americans partying their heads off! I guess when you turn 21 in a foreign country, you have to make it big! Over the course of the night, I met some of Lily’s flatmates and we ended up going to the Parlour to get a couple drinks. That was probably one of the most fun birthday blowouts I have ever been to.

On a more serious note, this week was the start of the exam session. We have finished our lectures and have transitioned to studying. I have three exams again, one for each module. Mine start relatively late compared to everybody else. I start on the 29th but that seems to be when everybody else is finishing up. I feel pretty confident about my two politics modules because I did really well on the essays. I will probably have to spend the majority of my time reviewing for my social policy class.

It is so weird to think that I only have 16 days left in Ireland. Seriously… that is insane. I ONLY HAVE TWO WEEKS LEFT… Leading up to this moment, I have been telling people that I am ready to go home. I do not mean I am ready to home because I hate it here or because I am homesick; I meant I am ready because I have accomplished everything I wanted to. I have seen everything I came here to see and have put in the nine months I had originally planned on. I guess a good word to describe it is “exhausted.” Exhausted in the sense that I am tired of missing my friends and am just ready to be back at home. Do not get me wrong, I am going to HATE leaving Ireland and I will instantly want to come back as soon as I get to Washington, but I know that there are bigger and better opportunities for me in the future.


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