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Dealing with culture shock

Hi everyone! 

For this next topic I thought I would discuss how I dealt with culture shock I while I have been abroad. At both my home school and once I arrived in Scotland I was informed about culture shock or culture fatigue. I learned that most go through certain stages. 
So when you first arrive it is the honey moon period where everything is great and you are just happy to be abroad. Then this feeling slowly wears off and fatigue begins to set in and you are not as cheery to be in another country.  Then the worst part hits, the lowest of the lows and you freak the heck out completely losing your mind. After the mental breakdown things get better and you are happy once again. 
As we learned through this crash course in cultural fatigue,  not everyone experiences these stages. I was one of the lucky few who didn’t lose my mind. 
I have had a very interesting relationship with homesickness. For example I never actually missed home.  I did miss certain things like my mom and my dogs and a friend or two but I never found myself in tears at the thought.  
This just goes to show that everyone is different. If anyone has homesickness/culture shock stories they have gone through please post them in the comments below. That is all for now, more to come soon.



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