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Fellow IFSA Students

Hello again everyone!

I was particularly struck by one of the blog topics IFSA gave me. It asks us to talk about our fellow students who are studying abroad. There is a profile that closely fits our group: elite colleges, white, female, major in arts/humanities, and have highly educated parents.  In this post I want to explain how startlingly true this profile is and how it fits my little group here in Stirling .

-Most of these characteristic imply that the study abroad students are very wealthy. This is not the case. I am obviously no heiress and most of us were awarded some large scholarships to be here. 

-I don’t know how elite our schools are but I do know we all come from small liberal arts colleges.

-In our group of seven, four of us are English majors along with a Psychology major,  Environmental Science major, and a Business major.

-There is one guy and six girls in our group.

-There isn’t much diversity-we are all white.

-The one thing I am not sure about is the educational status of my groups parents. I am a first generation student and that has made a pretty big impact on me. I am the first person to go to college let alone study abroad.

So even though we do fit this profile to a t, I don’t think it is a bad thing. Because we have these things in common we are able to be a more cohesive group and successively navigate living and studying abroad. That is all for now but I will be back soon!



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