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This is the End

So tomorrow starts the beginning of the last week of this semester for me here in Christchurch and I have to say it is quite welcome. Its going to be a tough week with a lot of assignments due on Friday, but overall even though this term was much more challenging than the last it was definitely worth it. I have less than a month left in New Zealand and unfortunately have already started packing or at least making lists in my head. Its starting to hit me just how much I’ve changed since being here and how it will be another culture shock going home. There were things I picked up along the way that stuck out to me as being different from home but its really been only in the past week and a half that I’ve realized everything that is different and how I have gotten used to those things. It’ll be nice to go home because there are quite a few people that I miss, but at the same time it will be weird because like I said before, I have made a different life for myself here and it will be hard to leave. In exciting news however my sister will be visiting next week after classes are over which is perfect timing really because we have a full week for studying and then finals start. We have a few day trips from Christchurch planned which will be fun and her visit will be coming at a good time because I won’t want to do anything else except have fun. :)

One more week and then FREEEEEEEEDOM!!!!

But only until finals start…haha




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