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It’s official

Dear America,

I’ve just set a personal best for procrastination. But I can’t in good conscience take all the credit for this impressive feat. I’d like to thank Netflix, rainy days, and food as well. Without their help my incredible ability to put off studying for finals may never have developed. It’s t-minus 9.5 days until that first exam comes around. I should probably be more nervous, but have somehow convinced myself that the last 4 lazy days spent hanging around the apartment are a necessary preparation step to get me into¬† test-taking mode. Starting tomorrow – for reals – I will finally be ready to open those books. And maybe wear something other than sweatpants. Maybe.

It has not even hit me how much these exams are worth. But maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe it’s best to approach exam period with a calmer mindset rather than getting worked up. And maybe taking a few days to just hang out will prep my brain for the enormous amount of information it must inevitably absorb. So there really is no reason to stress, that will begin tomorrow. For now I’ll just enjoy my last few hours of freedom. But if my parents ask I’ve been buried under a pile of textbooks for the last 72 hours.



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