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Coca Cola Bottles

I just saw this promotional video about the Coca Cola Company producing a new way to open the bottles, which requires social interaction. The video that I watched showed first year students at uni getting a coke bottle from a fridge, and then needing to open it. The bottle is opened only by twisting it off another bottle. Then once you have twisted off someone else’s cap, it would only be rude to not introduce yourself. In Britain, now the second year in a row that I’ve seen bottles with names on the label.

Bottle named Joanna from Windsor Castle. Photo credit given to Candace Yap.

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I didn’t get the one named Joanna, but I should have gone back for it!  I hope this fad comes to the States soon.  Although I do think this new cap opening routine is interesting, it’s somewhat ridiculous that we need Coca Cola to do this for us to be inspired to interact socially.


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