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Are the British Actually Polite?

How did the time go by so fast?! I only have 4 weeks left to study in Wales and I seriously feel like I just got here even though I’ve experienced and learned so much. The one part about studying in Wales. that means the most to me are the people and their camaraderie that they showed me.

One stereotype of the British is that they are very polite which I found to be true, but its not just a way they act in public to be respectful of others. They are genuinely nice and caring people. This is at least the case for me and for the friends that I’ve made while studying at University.

I couldn’t get over the fact of how caring and thoughtful people are here. Their general willingness to help others is far greater than what I experienced while living in the U.S. America has an overall individualistic culture where everyone has the general belief that they don’t need anyone’s help to get through the day where Britain has a more collectivist nature in the sense that they do offer help to others expecting the same treatment in return. When I speak to my friends, I feel like they are truly interested in what I have to say instead of just waiting for their turn to speak. My friends and peers look after one another, knowing that without each other, getting through the day would be a lot harder.

Being around very considerate people that count on each other’s support has made me feel differently about the individualistic attitude where it is believed that I could get by on my own. I feel the overall willingness to help others has increased the amount of kindliness among British people which is a much more pleasant environment to live in.


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