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Take Me Back

I have been home in Washington for just over a week now and I am already dying to go back to Ireland. Being back is great and everything, but nothing can replace the nine fantastic months I spent at Queen’s University in Belfast.

Since I have been back, I have managed to stay pretty busy. The first big thing I did was get my haircut. I know this does not seem like a big deal to most people but if you know me at all, I like having short hair. There were plenty of places I could have gotten it cut in Belfast but I wanted to go to my specific hair guy Wayne who I have been going to for about three years. That was my first priority after landing and it was the first thing checked off my list.

I then got to go see Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees play his final game in Seattle against the Mariners. Jeter, arguably one of the best players to ever play the game, is making his “farewell tour” around the country as the season progresses. I was lucky enough to see him in his last performance at Safeco Field. It is sad to see such an amazing athlete leave the game after such a long time. I may not like the Yankees, but I have the utmost respect for Derek Jeter.

Jeter's Last Game

Keeping up with the baseball theme, I got to meet rookie centerfielder for the Seattle Mariners James Jones at a meet and greet. I got a picture with the potential all-star and was fortunate enough to get his autograph.

Me and James Jones

Again, sticking with baseball, my parents and I went to the movies and saw Million Dollar Arm for Father’s Day. It is about this guy who tries converting a couple of Indian cricket players in major league baseball stars. It is an amazing film – alongside Moneyball with Brad Pitt – and based on a true story! I really recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

Yesterday was my best friend Eric’s birthday so I hung out with him for a while. The strange thing about our friendship is that we do not have to do anything extravagant to have a good time. All we did was go to the Department of Licensing to get his license renewed and played Xbox for about an hour but it was still a great time. You know a friendship is real when the most basic/minor things are fun. I cannot wait to spend my summer with him.

Later that night, I went up to Seattle with my really good friend Matt. We went to a couple different parks and got some beautiful pictures of the Seattle Skyline. It made me happy because I had almost forgotten what I was missing these past nine months while in Ireland. I may not live close to Seattle, but I still regard it as my city. It has partially defined who I am and the person I am still becoming.


This first week back has been spectacular, but like I said before, it does not compare to my experiences in Belfast. Since being back, the weather here in Washington has been awful. I can recall maybe two days of warm sunshine but the rest of the week has been rainy/gloomy. To be honest, my last week in Belfast was actually warmer than this past week has been in Graham! The weather is just a small aspect though. What really matters is the people – the friends I made while abroad. They are the ones I miss. They are the reason I want to go back so badly. I think I am starting to get a “homesick” like feeling in relation to Ireland. I know Belfast is not my true home but I did live there for nine months and met some lifelong friends during that time.

Sometimes I will catch myself looking at Arthur, the Irish teddy bear that Danielle got me… or the scrapbook that all the girls made for me… and they make me feel bittersweet. Those items are reminders of the amazing friendships that were formed in my second year of college. They keep me looking forward to the time I get to go back to Ireland and reunite with them all.

Take me back.


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  1. Jackie Knowles Says:

    Ireland misses you too, and the rest of the IFSA-Ireland students! Make sure you do come back – it’ll be worth it.

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