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Beginning of the end

Dear America,

You know it’s exam season when laundry becomes a  welcome distraction from studying. And I definitely don’t need 20 minutes to sharpen a pencil. This ‘winter’ weather isn’t really helping me along either – I don’t know when 60 degrees and sunny became known as cold, but I would much rather take on these arctic conditions than sit inside this study room for another 10 minutes. The first 5 minutes were focused and productive, but really any longer than that and I begin to feel the walls closing in. Luckily I am not alone in this internal struggle. Some fellow Uni students and I have formed a few study groups to provide some group motivation. The sad thing is we really though studying would get done in these meetings. So far we’ve just ended up cooking pretty extravagant meals (mostly pasta) while discussing important topics like how the US is destined to win this World Cup. At least that’s my opinion, but other less realistic individuals believe the Socceroo’s have a fighting chance. Sure, they can dream.


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