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Half Marathon Abroad: Check

If you remember from one of my first posts, a half marathon while abroad was on my bucket list. This past weekend I was able to successfully check this goal off. Prior to leaving, a friend of mine found The Rock and RollnMarathon series that would be making a world stop in Liverpool. The dates fit within my timeline perfectly, so early on I booked the travel and accommodation and had the trip all set- plus it was the perfect excuse to visit the home of the Beatles!

I began my journey on a Friday and headed into the rain. Going further North I knew the chance of rain was only bound to increase- if you haven’t realized yet it likes to rain in the UK, a lot! Nevertheless, I made sure to not let the wet weather stand in my way. To begin, Friday and Saturday were filled with exploring. After dinner Friday I made my way to Albert Dock to check out the river and boardwalk. I live right off of the lake, so anytime that I can get near the water I feel at home. As I looked from the dock back onto the city one thing that I immediately noticed about Liverpool was its architecture- the juxtaposition of historic buildings and modern works only elevated its beauty and uniqueness. Saturday I partook in a walking tour to find the hidden gems of the city and to make it past all of the important landmarks, which included the The Cavern Club.

One thing about Liverpool is their abundance of museums (many of which are free!). I couldn’t resist to go into the Beatles museum to learn the history of one of my favorite groups. Besides this there were also museums about the Titanic and the history of slaves. To. say that these exhibits were well put together and moving is an understatement – they were absolutely impeccable and a must if visiting the area. The museums were an excellent resource to learn the city’s history and gain a deeper appreciation of all that it had to offer.

Unlike going other countries, I figured the trek North wouldn’t introduce many cultural differences. However, as I began to speak to locals, I found the dialect difficult to understand. I figured I just wasn’t as good at deciphering out accents as I thought, but it turns out it wasn’t as much me as it was the region. Scouse is the accent found as you move North through the UK. Although the words are English, the way in which they are spoke and strung together causes one to second guess if it really is. Although the accent wasn’t too prevalent, it definitely caught me off guard when it passed my ears.

The half itself was an awesome experience and a blast. Running through streets filled with history, under the Chinatown Arch and hitting the pavement of residential areas and parks I was able to see it all. The half was a really unique, fun and challenging experience for me and is something I would easily recommend to anyone studying abroad! I can now successfully check that goal off of my list and move on to the next bucket list goal!


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