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the one where she was outdoorsy


This past weekend, I went to the Lake District, or the mountains North West England. A rather popular holiday destination, it is famous for its lakes and its mountains (or fells), and its associations with the early 19th century poetry and writings of William Wordsworth. I was lucky enough this weekend to stay in the same area once inspired Wordsworth. IFSA Bulter Adventure weekend in the mountains of England’s Lake District; a well preserved national park.

Honestly, I don’t know how describe to you how beautiful this area is. I was content to be able to absorb this picturesque scenery on my own, for personal benefit. The first night, we arrived after a 6 hour journey and settled into the Glaramara Hostel. Then we all gathered for a delicious 3 course meal of your choosing at the hostel. Homemade ice cream was phenomenal. After dinner, we sat in the common room, with the fire place for some pub quiz, more or less, a trivia night! I was happy to make some new friends and reunite with some old ones that I’ve met at orientation that night whom also provided enjoyable company for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday we had a choice of two activities. So after a hearty traditional English breakfast, we departed for our respective activities. I chose to via ferrata for the first half of the day. Via Ferrata, the literal translation from Italian is “iron road”, it is a mountain route which is equipped with fixed cables, staples, ladders, and bridges. The use of these allows otherwise isolated routes to be joined to create longer routes which are accessible to people with a wide range of climbing abilities. They are found in a number of European countries, and quite the popular recreational leisure sport in Europe. The first via ferratas were built in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy during the First World War, to aid the movement of mountain infantry.

This activity provided an opportunity for me to see the beauty of being in the countryside. Below are a few of the many pictures to capture the beauty that I witnessed on this trip.

Saturday night was disco night! There was a small bar at one of the hostels, dance floor and a DJ. It was nice to hear American music and dance like we are used to. The night was a lot of fun joined by wonderful company of friends.

The next day we all groggily crawled out of bed to another delicious breakfast and I realized that we had another activity that morning-walking tour of Keswick. We walked around the town of Keswick (pronounced Kesick, w is silent) for about 2 hours. Fun Fact-pencil was discovered in Keswick, England. It was a cute little town, reminded me of Brighton.

This picture was taken in the Hope Park in Keswick.

This sums up an exhausting but amazing weekend! I thank Bulter for this well organized trip. It feels good to get out of London for a weekend, a change of taste makes the return way sweeter. I returned to Pooley House around 9 pm Sunday night to a hot long shower and bed, I never felt more content.


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