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Study Break

I’m a week into finals and still have 6 days before my first final which is cool but also terrible at the same time. We had a week in between the beginning of finals and the end of term which was dubbed “study break”. I’ve heard multiple views on what should actually be done during this time ranging from actually reviewing for finals and going to office hours to traveling and taking a break. Depending on whether or not you’re international is really how you decide whether you’re going to study or not. Most of my friends went and traveled the north island. However, my sister came to visit me during that week so I was busy showing her areas around Christchurch. Unfortunately it rained the entire four days that I had rented a car for us but we still enjoyed it well enough. I took her out to Arthur’s Pass, Mt. Sunday, Hanmer Springs and Akaroa. It was cool because I hadn’t been to three of those places before and so I got to do my own exploring as well. The last two days she was here, the weather was perfect (of course) but that was nice because then I could show her around Christchurch properly and without slogging through the cold and the wet. Other than that I’ve just been studying for my exams. It has been a bit hard to focus because we have had quite nice weather for the past week and I just want to go to the beach even though its cold but finals are finals and those require my full attention at the moment. So studying shall continue!


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