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Today is the Day I Start Packing

It is the beginning of my last week here in NZ and all of the feels are crashing down around me. Its crazy to think that I’ve been here for four months now and that it feels so much like home to me. I’m definitely excited to go home and see all of my friends and my cats but I know its going to be really hard when it finally hits me that I am leaving this wonderful country. I just keep telling myself that I’m coming back soon, and that’s not even a lie because I know I’m coming back I just don’t have a time frame for that yet.  I meant to start packing a week ago but I just couldn’t/didn’t want to do it and now its finally getting to the point where I’m like, yeah…I need to start packing otherwise I’ll be stressing out majorly when I’m done with my finals. Lots of more studying to be done and lots of things to think about in the next week! Hopefully there will be some fun mixed in with all of the studying, packing and freaking out haha.


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