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One of my last weekends in Costa Rica consisted of a weekend trip to Guanacaste. Five of my friends from the IFSA-Butler program and I grabbed a bus early in the morning and went to one of the few places in Costa Rica left for us to visit. This was a tough trip as most of us were in finals but when would we ever live in Costa Rica for six months again? We booked a pretty nice hotel room for pretty cheap between the six of us. It had two rooms (3 of us in each), two bathrooms, a decent sized kitchen with pots, plates and everything you could need to make a meal. We cooked most of our meals and chipped in to buy groceries. This made the trip affordable. The hotels in Guanacaste at this point tend to be less crowded with tourists and more with Natives. Since it is rainy season, there tend to be fewer tourists and the prices become more affordable for ticos.


This weekend was a very relaxing one. The girls who had more homework, their books. I was one of them, and I read my textbook on the beach. Not ideal when you are on the beach but it’s a compromise for the best of both worlds.Three of my friends ran a 5K during one of the days we were there.  At night we went out to the local places and got to know some of the natives. We went to this great restaurant which was owned by an Australian, we sang Karaoke and danced a lot. It rained everyday that we were in Guanacaste and the streets were covered in dead toads so lookout when you’re crossing the rainy streets of Guanacaste. Guanacaste was beautiful, and the beach was very close to the hotel but my favorite place in Costa Rica is still Puerto Viejo. Future travelers beware, when traveling to Guanacaste think about the things you want to do before booking a hotel. The hotel we stayed at was far from all of the action, we had to take cabs but split between all of us, it was affordable.

My friends who ran the 5K, a yummy fish dish (forget the name), Karaoke and fried Ice Cream: 




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