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We need to talk (2)….

Dear Australia,

It’s not you, it’s me. These last four months have been great – we’ve shared some laughs, done some exploring, and I got to learn so many new things about you. But unfortunately this was not meant to last; tomorrow afternoon I’ll be heading back off to America. No, this is not based off of the current World Cup standings.

I’ll always remember the time we spent together as an awesome experience where I was shown a whole new part of the world and way of life. I wish I could spend this last day with you doing something other than cleaning my bathroom and kitchen, but that final room inspection is the last test I need to pass here. With finals out of the way and my room practically sterilised with Ajax, it’s about time to head home. I know we’ll be in touch Australia, since there are many people here who I want to keep in my life.

We’ll be seeing each other again –

Warm regards, Caroline


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