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There are touchdowns in rugby, right?

First of all, allow me to apologize for my recent blogging hiatus. The month of June has been a crazy one for me here in New Zealand, but now that I’m finished exams (yay!) and mere days away from leaving this beautiful country, I’ve found the time to finish up blogging about some of my adventures. 

On June 6th I flew to Auckland with a group of ten international students for the All Blacks vs. England rugby game. It was a great chance to see Auckland again, explore the university, see some IFSA-Butler friends, and (of course) watch a rugby game! Our IFSA-Butler friends Alex and Joe were courteous enough to let all 10 of us crash on their floor to avoid hostel costs (thanks guys!)

One highlight of the weekend included a trip to the Chocolate Boutique, a restaurant/cafe located in the neighborhood of Parnell that serves chocolate EVERYTHING. Like literally, everything. 

After a self-induced chocolate coma, we all rallied and prepared for the game. Of course we wore ALL BLACK and some of us even put on some face paint. After a short train ride to Eden Park, we had arrived at our first professional rugby game! And we got their just in time to see the legendary HAKA. I attempted to take a video but our seats did not provide a view nearly as good as this one.

All in all the game was a blast. We tried to learn the rules but ultimately we just made friends with the Kiwis sitting in front of us and cheered whenever they cheered. And of course, we took lots of pictures!

And the best part was that the All Blacks won! The final score was 20-15, but throughout the entire game only one try was scored. I really (like seriously) don’t know anything about rugby but I’m told that is pretty uncommon and supposedly it wasn’t a very good game. Well, they fooled us! We had a spectacular time. 


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