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One small step for man…

Just got back from the moon! Well, close enough, I guess 😉 I went with some friends on a 2-day trip to Valle de la Luna, a provincial park about 5 hours north of Mendoza in the province of San Juan. It’s a really cool desert-like area with some really interesting geological formations. It’s called Valle de la Luna (moon valley) because it’s so barren and the terrain is so dry that water basically disappears as soon as it rains, making it look like the surface of the moon! The park is also the home of the world’s oldest dinosaur bones. So we got dinosaurs and lunar formations all in the same place- what more could you want in one trip?! We took a 3 hour tour of the park with a guide that explained everything about how the formations were formed and why things there look the way we do. We kept ourselves entertained by talking to ourselves through “space walkie talkies” and addressing each other as “Houston” every couple of minutes :) Then we went to the museum to see the bones and some pretty sweet fossils. It was a nice chance to revert back to being a child and geek out about dinosaurs for a bit! Although we missed watching the Argentine game, we got to listen to it on the radio and cracked up a bit after we scored- the announcer started praising his favorite saints and cursing the Brazilian team. Typical argentine soccer antics :) And despite having to sit through the US team’s tough loss, we were happy that at least one of the two advanced. I have to say, though- it would’ve been pretty awesome watching the United States play La Albiceleste! After spending a semester here. We have only a few days left of our actual program left, and people are starting to head out on their last trips. My plan is to head to Buenos Aires with some friends from the program for about 5 days. Then I’ll come back to Mendoza and a couple days later my family and my aunt will come to visit me! I’ll have about 6 days to show them around the city and introduce them to my friends and host mom in Mendoza- I can’t wait! My Cordobese family is coming to Mendoza during that time, so they’ll get to meet my “American” family, too! After that, we’ll head to Iguazu Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world located in the northeastern corner of the country. I’ve heard it’s spectacular, so i guess you could say I’m pretty pumped! From there, my family will head back to the States and I’ll continue on the last leg of my journey- Peru! I’ll be going to Cuzco for a few days before doing the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu. It’s not the classic Inca trail that everyone always does, but it’s the top “alternative trek” to the site and I know it’ll be just as good. After that, I’ve got 2 days in Lima before I finally head back to the States. It’s weird to think that even though my program is ending, I’ve still got a month before I leave the continent. I can’t wait, though- it’s gonna be amazing! I could go into how hard saying goodbye had been, but I think I’ll save that for anther post- I have a lot to say on the matter :)


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