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Ready for Action… Almost

June 30, 2014


‘Yes!’ Despite the growing concern that all of my belongings wouldn’t fit, I have managed to stuff everything and then some into my suitcase. Along with tightly rolled bundles of clothes, I have managed to stuff all sort of toiletries, hiking boots, tennis shoes, Chaco sandals, and an inordinate amount of Cliff bars into the various nooks and crannies of my suitcase. I stand up and survey my work hands on my hips; I can’t help but be proud.

‘I guess all I have to do now is close it!’ 5 minutes later I’m still on the ground struggling against the bulky zipper. It’s 10:02 pm and I’m painfully aware of the fact that I have to be up in less than seven hours. I’m now sitting on top of my suitcase, steeling myself against the floor in an effort to force the brute shut. The zipper moves about two inches. Some more tugging and then I almost get it to the corner where it stays despite my best efforts. ‘Okay, maybe I’ll try the zipper at the other end.’ I turn over and splay my body across my suitcase hoping that by bearing all of my weight on the suitcase I can get the zipper to move around the bulging and awkward lumps that are threatening to burst through the thick black fabric. After a couple more minutes of seemingly pointless struggle I give up; if I have to break a sweat to get my suitcase shut, I’m probably doing something wrong. ‘Sigh.’ This means rearrangement.

It’s 11 pm now and my suitcase is once again tightly packed, so tightly packed I’m afraid that removing the wrong thing will send all of my items flying out like some sort of Pandora’s Box, and there is no going back from that. ‘Now for the moment of truth.’ I sit on my suitcase and after a small tug the zipper starts to glide continuously, if not smoothly, along the seam. ‘Got it!’ And with my suitcase finally packed and my futbol vocabulary well under way – jugada (play), toque (pass), tira de esquina (corner kick), disparo (goal attempt) and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL (goal) – I was ready.




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