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IFSA Runs A Marathon (10 and 4 k)!!!

Hey all,

Today a bunch of us ran a marathon to benefit a Children´s Hospital down here called Conin that provides food and checkups and in some cases a home for malnutritioned children here in Mendoza and around the world. It was a great time. 5 of us promoted the marathon for our Desarrollo Regional concentration class and more than a dozen of us ran it! Annabel, Alana, Meg, Melanie and I ran the 10 k along with Robert and Angus. Joy, Stephanie, Kate, Mary and Brian ran the 4 k! And I´m pretty sure I am missing a couple people. Dan, Ivonne and my host mom came to watch us finish.

It was the only marathon I have every been to that began and ended with a group mambo class (the latin american warm up and cool down hahaha). Who knew running six miles could be so fun?? There were about 1500 people running, so that means CONIN raised at least 50,000 pesos!! It was 50 to run the 10k and 30 for the 4k.

Here´s a great pic of our 5 girl group running the 10k!


Cariños de Mendoza,



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