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The World Ain’t Ready for This!

July 1, 2014

It’s 5 am. With my eyes still red and stinging from the lack of sleep, I sit in the back of the car and pull out my phone to check my email just in case something travel-related has come up. *Bing* an email from United Airlines. I start skimming, “flight has been confirmed…. One or more of your flights has been changed…” I groan. My flight hadn’t just been changed; it had been completely rerouted. We were now leaving at 5:10 PM from San Antonio to go to Chicago where we would be staying the night to catch an 8 am flight to Liberia, Costa Rica.Maybe if we go to the airport we can hope and pray that this isn’t really happening…

Long story short, after much keyboard tapping, a gracious airline representative was able to squeeze my mom and me on a flight to Houston at 2:45 pm so that we could make it to Costa Rica by tonight.

So instead of this day being an exciting prologue to my months of adventure and exploration in the beautiful green paradise commonly referred to as Costa Rica, it was an extended tour of the cozy and air-conditioned Terminal B at the San Antonio airport. Still it hasn’t been a bad day at all, I’ve gotten to sleep, read, write, eat, and, most importantly watch the second half of the US v Belgium soccer game. Sadly, it did not end favorably, but my spirits are still high because 1) I got to cheer for our team along with a frenzied huddle of strangers in the Houston airport 2) Los Ticos are still going strong in the World Cup and 3) I’m going to Costa Rica – tonight! All in all, a good day.

Costa Rica bound,




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