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el mundial – Fútbol

The World Cup started during my last week in Costa Rica! Fútbol, as soccer is known in the Latin American world, is a big deal in Costa Rica. I thought soccer was a boring sport before studying abroad and now I love it. The Costa Rica team played two days before I was set to return to the United States. All of the ticos that I talked to about during the days before the match had lost all hope. I talked to my fellow classmates in the University full of energy and excitement about the Costa Rican team but they weren’t very hopeful. All of the abroad students did not give in to this pessimism, we believed! The ticos had been let down during previous world cup tournaments, their doubt was understandable. The foreigners however were knew to this whole business, so we believed.


The day of the match between Costa Rica and Uruguay finally arrived and we were all with our respective families watching the game. Costa Rica made their first goal, and my house and Costa Rica erupted with cheers. It was amazing to see the country come together for this occasion. Ordinary life went on but with Fútbol. All of the buses, were playing the games on the radio, everyone driving by in their cars honked their horns to cheer with the rest of the country. It was amazing to experience Costa Rica win a game in the World Cup, especially since it was a team that no other country expected to do well. There was little hope in them and they have come very far. Living there for six months has made me feel as if that team also represents me. I cheered for USA and Costa Rica.

Pictures of the celebration on the streets of Costa Rica: 



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