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Prolonged Prologue

This is the BEFORE picture.


I’m leaving for Australia in 108 hours. So far, I’ve packed only the essentials: peanut butter, duct tape, and chapstick. The rest should be a breeze. I must admit though, it’s going to be a challenge bringing only one suitcase. I can pack an entire suitcase filled entirely with socks and still need more socks. But I think it’ll be liberating to bring the bare minimum and jettison the rest.

There’s a lot of thoughts and questions racing through my mind. Besides the big ones (what am I going to eat for my last meal in Chicago? What am I going to eat on the plane? How much room can I make in my luggage for snacks? What’s the food going to be like in Australia??) I can’t help but wonder what my overall experience will be like. I’m excited to meet new people from all over the world and travel as much as I can. I want to dive the Great Barrier Reef and really take advantage of all the wildlife I’ll be soon be surrounded by. My biggest fear? The Australian Box Jelly. That thing is deadly.

I’m trying not to have too many expectations because expectations are like single men who write beautiful poetry, play the guitar and cook restaurant quality meals. They can be difficult to meet.

That’s all I got for now. I’ll be back when I’m on my way to Australia!







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