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Vamos Argentina

As I watched Argentina win the semi-final game in PKs, I (selfishly) could not help but think how great it would be if for some reason the big guys in charge have to delay the FIFA World Cup 2014 Championship game a single week so that I could be in Buenos Aires to experience the excitement surrounding the game. Also, I may have a little pride in the fact that, yes, the country I will be spending the next five months in is one of the two best soccer teams in the whole world. Argentina makes me, as a soccer fanatic, very happy. Other than watching the world cup on TV and practicing these soccer skills while playing outside with my younger brothers this summer, in order to prepare for Argentina I have been listening to the Spanish radio stations so much so that I have begun noticing my family listening as well (side note: not one of the six of us is fluent in Spanish – but we try).


Ask me how prepared I am to leave for Argentina in a week and a half not including thesoccer/music. My answer is… very little. To be honest, I have not even finished unpacking from school (but hey, we are on the quarter system, so my summer didn’t start until June 14th. So that’s fine, right?). I was considering attaching a picture of the current state of my room to prove this point, but chances are, if I did that I may disgust you and discourage all from reading my posts the rest of the semester. So I’ll spare you from that. You’re welcome.


Another thing you should know about me: If I was to have a list of the things I am the worst at, packing would be at the very top. Literally every trip I have ever been on, I have packed late the night before or the day of. When I left for school last fall, I started packing my stuff for the entire year at 10pm the night before. Once, when going on a long weekend trip with friends, I did not start packing until they pulled into my driveway to pick me up. That being said, I am nervous about packing for Argentina. How does one pack for 5 months in a checked bag under 50lbs and a carry-on? This will be an adventure in and of itself. Stay tuned to find out whether or not I begin to pack before July 19th (I leave July 20th) and if I can finish in time… oh, and also if the world cup gets delayed. You never know. Fingers crossed.

P.S. this is a picture of my brothers after a soccer win. Nos encanta fútbol. ¡Vamos Argentina!



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