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Attention all coffee addicts

Being a coffee addict myself, one of the things I anticipate missing most about New Zealand is the coffee culture.

Wellington wins in both the quantity and quality of their cafes and restaurants. Never before have I had so much difficulty when deciding where to get a cup of coffee. I’ll especially miss New Zealand’s famous “flat white,” a delicious coffee drink made with two shots of expresso that is similar to a latte (but much tastier!)

I have found that every day can be made a little bit better by just popping into a cafe for a flat white and a scone or muffin. It would be impossible to tell you about every single cafe I’ve enjoyed a caffeine buzz at, but I did do my best to chronicle my cafe outings as much as possible:

It goes without saying that I indulged when it came to coffee and cafe treats throughout the entire country of New Zealand. That being said, I definitely learned to appreciate the moderation with which Kiwis drink coffee. Compared to America, the coffee sizes are much smaller (but stronger) and it is more unusual to get a coffee “to-go” (or as the Kiwis say for “take-away”), encouraging more people to sit down and slowly enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend or in solitude. I think both of these attributes contribute to the phenomenal cafe culture in Wellington and the rest of New Zealand.

Oh and you know those French-press coffee makers many Americans use to make a quick cup of coffee? Well, the Kiwis call it “Plunger coffee.” Charming, right?


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