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Just Checking In

Not much to say about my life so far. A little drama regarding one of the other programs but hopefully future students wont have to deal with it. So it’s not worth relating. ┬áLife goes on. The food is getting a little more… depressing. We have the same thing every night. But then when I go out to eat it makes the food taste so much better. College is college. Do your homework, try and stay awake through class, answer questions.

The next few weeks should be more interesting though. We’re planning on going to El-Alemain┬áthis weekend and on Monday we have tickets to see Tutankhamun the Musical, then Dahab on the Red Sea for 5 days. Shortly after that a cruise down the Nile. Then finals week. After finals my two best friends from home are coming to visit! Then back to the states.

I have a lot of video. But the internet here is so unstable and for uploading video it takes forever. The maximum file size we’re allowed to upload at once is 100mb, and that takes on the order of an hour. Assuming it doesn’t crash mid-upload. I’m going to wait until I get back to America to upload the rest of them, sadly. I will have an internet connection on the order of 500,000x faster (not exaggerating..) and my home computer is much faster, so I will be able to manipulate the video so they are longer and better quality.


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