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Introduction and Initial Thoughts

My name is Haley Alderete and I am from Chula Vista, CA and I am an incoming junior majoring in Government and Psychology at Claremont McKenna College.  I think that summarizes who I am on paper but I’m hopeful that through this blog that more of my personality will be revealed.  I have had some blog experience when I went abroad for my junior year of high school to Washington D.C. and also this past summer when I went to Singapore.  I love how blogs allow for a more intimate experience in journeying with someone—they provide an adequate depiction of what you’re feeling when you’re traveling around a new place and how those feelings contribute to the person you’re becoming.

So a little part about who I am right now—one thing is that I love to plan.  I love organizing everything, making lists and making appropriate actions in preparation for things.  However, going abroad is most definitely not like making a plan of attack to get through finals week.  Sure I could try and pack accordingly, make the appropriate arrangements and read up about Chile as much as I can but I find that exploring a new culture and really just creating a new life in a new place you can’t quite plan for everything.  While this may sound like a nightmare for the Type A personality I feel quite okay and in fact quite ecstatic with the uncertainty.  I love that I have the opportunity to go explore a new part of the world.  I love that I get to put my Spanish skills to the test.  And I love going in with a clean slate of expectations because really how can I really be able to prepare myself for this?  Can’t wait to get immersed in a new culture, to meet my host family and new friends, and the lessons that are to be learned in the next five months!


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